Pairwork on the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2004


Your job is to find material on current issues in the presidential election.

Select an issue from the list below that you would like to work with, and describe the two candidates'

proposals for changes and attitudes to the issue.


Begin with a search on the two candidates' homepages:   - you'll find the issues under the heading: Plan for America - this is the President's official Whitehouse homepage.

I have trouble reaching Bush' homepage on but try it.


You can also have a look at the two major parties' websites (for entertaining views on their opponents):

- The Republican National Committee: 

- The Democratic National Committee:


Afterwards you should have a look at some of the newspapers - The New York Times has some

excellent pages on the campaign:

Here you'll find material and articles on both candidates and issues.

Try also their excellent interactive graphics where you can try different outcomes of the election by

deciding how the so-called 'Swing States' will vote

(If you have trouble accessing the site ask me for passwords)


Other media are:



  - Abortion

  - The Economy

  - Fighting Terrorism / the war in Iraq

  - Gay Rights

  - Gun Control

  - Education

  - The Environment

  - Death Penalty

  - The importance of Faith and religious